I have ambitions of novels and travel writing and great publications, but for now I will share a few of my favorite writings from my blog:

I am a Retro-Feminist My most popular and probably most powerful post yet.

Welcome to Belgium My first blog post ever, back in the day when I lived in Europe.

LudiCristmas My thoughts on Christmas 2008, which still hold true today.

My Final Paper The last paper I wrote for a college course - it's about divorce, not camping.

Significant Changes The moment I decided to bravely post my plans for the future.

Go Find Yourself My first challenge as I ramped up the amount of work I was putting into blogging.

The Storm My first official travel piece.

Sunday Confessional A moment of honesty about who I am, and that we all could use some honesty about our faults.

Where You Invest Your Time Challenging you to invest your time wisely.

Year End Wrap Up  Another honest look at how life is going.

What's Your Word Just another way to motivate and inspire everyone to make it the best year yet!

Lighten Up Girl An introspective look at my crazy mind.

Where are Your Dreams? Why do we put away all that we dream and desire once we become adults?