Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Happy Hour Returns

This Friday is greeted with a clear sunrise on cold winter morning. The days and weeks have slipped by without a mention of Happy Hour here at the blog. Until this week I have been missing in action; busy in my own world and little thought has been put into the weekly ritual. Have you been celebrating without me? Have you continued to take the HAPPY HOUR CHALLENGE? In my heart I know it is always the best week ever, even if I haven’t put it down in words. And like any other challenge in life, we can begin again to get it right!

My journey has continued in the absence of blogging. I have continued to push myself into the art world that I have my sights set on. My kids are growing into healthy Vikings. The years are accumulating in birthdays and anniversaries, both of which I feel are great accomplishments to share with my husband and partner in this wild ride called life. And living in the Mid-Atlantic is always an adventure. I’d say this was the best week ever, because every hour I add on to this crazy life is one more hour I have a chance to get it right.

What else made it the best week ever? What makes this moment so great?

·         My middlest son participates in the country’s second largest school instrument program in a public school and performed violin at the school concert. All though I think he would prefer to rock out in a band, this is a great beginning.

·         I balanced the house budget. And it did not take a last minute hostage crisis in congress to get it done.

·         I attended my second reception at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis for one of my pastel paintings that was juried into a show. Later in the week I was called to give an interview about my experience and my art to The Capital newspaper. How exciting!
Juror, Matt Klos, giving Kellee Conrad an art critique for her
Gettysburg  painting  at the Circle gallery in Annapolis.

·         Downton Abby = hopelessly addicted.

·         I am overwhelmed by clutter and projects to be tackled in my comfortable suburban home. And it’s a constant reminder of how happy I am to have this wonderful place to live.

·         Good conversation, good food, great ideas…there is always time to savor a moment with family and friends and that is what truly makes these moments worth celebrating.

Here’s to a New Year and a renewed spirit of the Friday Happy Hour. So, tell me, what have you been celebrating while I was gone?

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