Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: Before the Sunrise

I haven’t seen this many early mornings since we had a newborn keeping us up all night. But now that we have one in high school, the alarm wakes us before the sun illuminates the sky. I thought 5:30 would be impossible, but have found it’s quite nice…once I have my hot French press coffee in hand, anything is possible.

I’ve always loved mornings, even the early ones. I love knowing that the whole day is in front of me and I can make anything happen. I can accomplish anything. I can check things of my list or set out and explore. Anything is possible when the day has just begun. Not every day ends on the same note, but I am comforted that another morning is coming and hope starts again bright and early. Yes, I love mornings.

This has been the best week ever. I have enjoyed many early mornings and managed to accomplish a lot in the span of seven short days. Here is a quick recap:

·         I have been painting every day with my Countdown to Autumn project. I even had one painting accepted into my first juried show!

·         Soccer every night keeps us on our toes, but keeps us active. The boys can play!

·         My husband and I have successfully navigated 14 years of marriage.

·         I have donated a painting to a big fundraiser. It’s exciting to be involved in the art community.

·         The weather is perfect, and if you know me, that is always a bonus.

How about you? What made this your best week ever? What filled your mornings with hope?

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