Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: Share the Love

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Every week is the best week ever at My Life With Monkeys (even when it's not). Last week I called on you to take action for yourself and join the HappyHour Challenge! This week I am calling on you to join my site and share the message with everyone you know! These images are for you to copy, paste, post and put out into the world.

Paste them on Facebook! Tweet them! Pin them! Link them! Stumble, Tumble, Reddit, Google+ it! Print them and put them up around town! Just share the love!

Before you know it we will have a Happy Hour revolution. Not necessarily the drinking kind, but the feeling good about life kind that can spread like a wild fire and make everyone a little happier. The more followers that join me, the more the idea will spread that everyone can have "the best week ever".

Here is to another great week. Another best week ever! Are you with me?



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