Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: I {Heart} ______

The Beach
Good Books
Fine Art
New York City!
What is summer but adventure? A time to seek out new horizons, taste life, get your feet wet, jump right in and explore…you know, do all the things you didn’t have time to do while being too busy the rest of the year. But like the Europeans taking the month of August to lounge at the beach, I feel like it’s time to take off and enjoy life on a different level than I do during the other nine months.  And since I don’t have the ability to stay at the beach for a whole month, I have found many other ways to make a great vacation out of the local attractions. Lucky me to live where there is always something to discover!

We will have visitors for the next couple months and will not find it difficult at all to check off every one of the things on our to-do list. Besides lots of swim time and family time, I have been extraordinarily lucky to take a mini trip to New York City this week. Yes, I love it as much as Paris and I have come home intoxicated with the sights and sounds of this great city. It has inspired me and I will carry the heart of NYC for a few more days before I return to our own Charm City and fill my dreams with new stories to tell.
This was the best week ever. What more could I possibly ask for?

New York City, Time Square, by Kellee Wynne Conrad

New York City, Highline Park view, by Kellee Wynne Conrad

New York City, 5th Avenue, by Kellee Wynne Conrad

New York City, Highline Park view, by Kellee Wynne Conrad

New York City, Empire State Building, by Kellee Wynne Conrad


  1. OH I must agree (ok a bit bias) NY ROCKS! I love NY in the Summer I am planning a trip into the city w/my kids next week I have some fun up my sleeve for sure!

  2. Enjoy NYC! It's a lot more weork with kids! ;)