Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I abandoned you this month. I thought I needed a break, but it turns out I needed you more. You see, I didn’t take time to get things done, I didn’t focus more on other priorities, I didn’t whip up a storm in my studio, and I certainly didn’t discover the meaning of life. No, without you I just got lazy and lost my way. I thought about you sitting here waiting patiently and still working hard to get my message out to the world wide web without me, but with no new content you were becoming old news really fast. And I was becoming just another girl with no direction.
Here I am to confess to you that I need you. When you are on my mind, I know I think consciously about my life and what message I am sending about its purpose.  When I have to confess my intent every week, I make a better effort to live life with meaning. When I share my passion about life right here, it increases happiness in my life tenfold and quite quickly an average life becomes a more vibrant and extraordinary life! So, my dear blog, it seems as if I need you more than I thought and if for no other reason, just to be a better person.
I am going to keep you on my schedule of important things to do and we will work out what direction we are going along the way. If I wait until the inspiration strikes, then we might be waiting a very long time. But If I just share with you where I am right now, we can simply take this journey together. We can do it; me, you, and a couple of dedicated readers…
Thank you for understanding, thank you for having my back when I need you the most, thank you for giving me a chance to share what’s on my mind.
Kellee Wynne Conrad (artist, writer, dreamer, positive thinker, queen of the house)


  1. Welcome back :) Summer is a tough time to keep up on personal creative work, especially with kids out of school! I wish you well on that.

  2. Welcome back!! Summer can be a hard balancing act!

  3. I have missed you! It's good to have the positive thinker back in action.

  4. A solid restart, Kellee. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  5. Thank you all for your encouragement. Glad to be blogging again!