Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: Not in a Rush

The canvas is calling and ideas are piling up. My notebook is full. I want to experiment with oil paints and new watercolor techniques. I want to go study with contemporary masters. I want to write down all the stories I dream of before they’re gone. I’d love to steal away to the mountains and throw my whole heart into a project only stopping when I am too tired to write another word or dab another stroke. I want to turn this blog into the premier destination for anyone seeking a creative life. There are galleries and book publishers I plan to meet with someday. And speeches I am preparing for big conferences! Yes, I have grandiose thoughts about the possibilities of my future. I have made big plans I tell you. I have big dreams.
But I am not in a rush. I’ll give it time. I’m busy enjoying the moment because I’m currently seeing other dreams I’ve always had come true. I’m watching my boys turn into young men and a romance that continually grows into something better with my husband as the years keep coming at me in lightning speed. And as much as I am ready to be a full time artist and writer, I am not ready to see my current place in life come to an end. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a day without mouths to feed and a trail of dirt to sweep up. It’s hard to imagine making breakfast for two instead of five and I refuse to think about the fact that my baby is almost too big to carry off to bed. So, I will not rush past these very moments.
But I have not given up on my DREAMS; it’s more apparent than ever that I know what I want. But I know it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So, though I am not putting any plans on hold, I am fully aware that I must take it one step at a time so as not to miss the greatest days of my life. What makes this the best week ever? Knowing I can have it all, just as long as long as I do it a little bit at a time. Also, there are a few other things I’m enjoying at this very moment:
·         The boys all took the time to draw this week. They’re not just smart, but talented, too.
·         I finished reading the Paris Wife about the life of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. Amazing to read about that time with all my favorite writers, but certainly sad to see such passionate love end.
·         We had a night out at a local legendary diner followed by a stop in the comic shop where everyone came away with full bellies and something to read.
·         Lots of playground time with the beautiful weather we’ve been having.
·         I finished a new pastel painting.
·         A new grill means my husband has been cooking dinner. The best dinner I’ve never had to make.
·         Did I mention it’s a house full of boys? Yes, we’ll be seeing Avengers this weekend!
How have you enjoyed the moment AND followed your dreams all at the same time? Tell me how have you had the best week ever?

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  1. Best week ever for me was... Wait... I'm writing this on Tuesday trying to remember what exactly I did last week... Crap! It's going too fast and I'm not paying enough attention. This post is my reminder to slow down a minute and soak in the present. Thanks for another wonderful week.