Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday! Hello Experimental!

It was just one of those weeks that I just needed to get in the studio and play with paint, water, and paper. To brush it on and let it flow from one end of the paper to the other and then back again. To let the hues run into each other and drip into puddles. To splash and splatter the colors without any objective in mind. It was just one of those times I was feeling experimental.

See, simple and fun. I'll probably use them in other projects someday, but for now they were a paint in the moment thing. When was the last time you made a mess and just played with paints? It's a great jumping point to learn the feel of watercolor without the pressure to perform. Go on - you've been thinking about trying it out - so get some cheap cardstock paper and a small set of watercolors and let yourself play! Let me know how it turns out! Hope you have a Happy Monday!


  1. What a lot of fun with watercolors!

  2. Love that first one with all the white space. Looks fun!

  3. I'm with Teka--really like that first one and then the second from last.