Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: Make Your Smile Last

How about a slogan my middle boy made up? He wrote it, I saw it, and I snatched it up right away! Well, I asked for permission to use it on my blog and he just beamed with excitement! Of course he is my happy-go-lucky child and certainly the least temperamental of all of us. Don’t get me wrong, he does have a fiery side, but compared to the whole brood of us redheads…he is mellow. And he smiles a lot because it doesn’t take much to make him happy.
So, there you have it – this week’s theme taken from a true expert , a nine year old boy, is to make your smile last. So, go find something special and hold on to it. Stop and smell the roses. Open the windows and let the sun shine in. Search for the silver lining. Whatever cliché you can afford to use and make your smile last a little longer, I suggest you implement immediately. Because every week is the best week ever and every week we can find a reason to smile. Here are a few more reasons:
·         We finally got lost in the woods. Well, not lost, just out of touch with all electronics for a few days, and it was blissful.
·         Soccer, soccer, soccer. But they are getting so good at it.
·         Girls’ Night Out, with a like-minded friend. We talked until 1am!
·         New stories are coming together and might one day take form as an actual book.
·         Did I mention we spent a lot of time outdoors?
·         My husband sure can cook. Mmmm, campfire griddle biscuits.
·         I have joined the Maryland Federation of Art, which means I will be participating in more local events and maybe submitting art for exhibits soon. (Wow, did I just say that!)
So, tell me, what makes your smile last? What makes this the best week ever?
My middle son is the one with the biggest smile....naturally!


  1. My family definitely brings a smile to my face! And I'm so excited to see my son who'll be coming home this weekend from college! Wtg with joining the art association! You will be an awesome addition to the group and I'm so glad you'll be putting your artwork out for all the public to see! I'm so privileged to have a piece of your work!

  2. Speaking of being out of touch. This past week I was devastated that none of my friends on my Facebook were commenting on my posts. Not on my videos or my funny witticisms.

    Only this morning did I realize everything I was posting was set to be viewed by "only me".

    How embarrassing is that?

    Anyway, I think sharing your art is a wonderful thing, whether it's writing, painting or photography...or any other crafty thing you might be into.

    Have fun. That's a healthy looking bunch of young men you got there! :)

  3. I love that you are giving me real answers to my question! I love sharing these positive things because life is hard enough and I know when we talk about what makes us smile, life is just a little sweeter! And thanks again for your support as I keep jumping into new realms with my art and writing!

  4. My family are my smile lasters! Like my new word?! :) Before I go into my week a bit, I want to say I'm so happy for you that you are writing and for your exciting art news too!
    It's the best week ever because we're alive! Beyond that, starting to learn Spanish and scrapping at a friend's house are a couple highlights for this week.