Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: Simple and Spontaneous

"Just Before the Storm", 8x10 Pastel on Wallis sanded paper, Kellee Wynne Conrad

On a cool autumn day back in October,
a gangly group of explorers descended upon this deserted beach.

The storm hung heavy at the edge of the shoreline while naked toes sank into the sand.

After watching the push and pull of the bay and chasing a piper or two,
a quiet busi-ness took over.

Driftwood monuments were erected.

A collection of shells formed patterns.

Deep trenches were dug.

Art and design found itself on the shores of this beach.

Pleasure was found by creating in the most basic natural forms.
And we found joy in sharing the moment together.

Remembering the simplest of happy memories makes this the best week ever!
Have you ever done something so simple and spontaneous that it
stands out in your memory as one of the best days ever?


  1. Yes! We went to a botanical garden in Gainsville, FL and I snapped photographs of pond lilies and had the best time. When I got home and pulled my photos into my photo editor and touched them up, they were gorgeous. One photo was so amazing I wanted to send it in to have a 1000 piece puzzle created of it. :)

  2. Wow!! I just love your pastel piece - it's stunning - you really capture the feeling of the moment!! Great job girl!!