Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sketch 29 Challenge: Week 2

If you have been following my Sketch 29 Project, then here you have another week of my effort to draw every day. Hope you enjoy my work as I make a little progress! How are you doing on your goals!?

Gettysburg, pencil, Feb 8
Cabbage, pencil, Feb 9
Bellagio, Italy, pecil, Feb 10
Flower, pen, Feb 11
Street performer in Italy, pencil, Feb 12
Egg Shells, pencil, Feb 13
Valentine as my eight-year-old self would make (a.k.a. lazy day sketch) Feb 14
Hot air balloon, watercolor, Feb 15


  1. um HOLY COW you are an amazing artist-even if these are just "sketches"!

  2. Beautiful work! I'm impressed you are doing these every day! Wow!

  3. ooo how i wish i could skecth like that... you are amazing!!

  4. These are so amazing, live the Italy sketch!

  5. Gorgeous! I hope you are really enjoying it looks like you are!