Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Happy Hour: The Year There Was No Winter

Memories from Winter's past. 1/2011

This week we had weather in the sixties again. I’ve heard rumor that this has been happening all over the country. A mellow sort of warmth has spread and people are traveling about in short sleeves and waving to one another in a cheery sort of way. Children play basket ball in the street and snow shovels are buried under other warmer-weather projects like garage organizing and yard sale sorting. I don’t know where my heavy coat has gone and it’s alright with me.
But I have to admit it’s a little bit weird, Twilight Zone strange even. When it’s 20 degrees above normal I begin to wonder how Mother Earth is feeling. How have we done this to the poor girl? How much more can she take? What else do we have in store? I think to myself, enjoy it while you can because something’s got to give…right? There it is, a little pit in my stomach, like December 21st is looming over us and the Mayans were right after all. But wait I digress….it’s beautiful outside and people are happier than usual and life is good. And when I start to worry over what is obviously the least of my worries, I come across just the right written words to bring me back from the edge of the Apocalypse.
I discovered the irreverent and poignant writings of Marc Morford a few weeks ago and he has given me much thought to chew on. He wrote a particular article for the San Francisco Chronicle/ SFGate that reminds us humans that we have thought the end was near for much of civilized life here on earth. That surely this is it, the world can take no more, busting at the seams with a population of 7 Billion!  Then Marc Morford reminded me that this world and the massive amount of humans contained in it, not only continue to survive but we are thriving!

I highly recommend you read the article, "Seven Billion Ways to Swallow God" for yourself and see if the word ride doesn’t leave you feeling proud of the human race, at least just a little bit longer until the cold returns…
For today, though, I want to make a Happy Hour Toast! To playing outside and turning the heat off. To sunnier days and smiling faces. To getting things done and keeping commitments. To good friends and even greater family members! It was indeed the best week ever! How about you?

"There is no battle. There is no good versus evil. There is only the flux and the pulse of existence, creation, expansion and contraction in an endless dance, signifying nothing, inventing everything."


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  1. Here, here,! Mark M is someone's writing I want to follow. It was my best week for one major reason: I was able to fill all 4 of my freshmen composition classes, and therefore keeping the wolves from my door. The dicks running the CSU system are so far removed from what they must consider the "little people"...namely, the students and the faculty. Also, because you have thrown down the challenge for February, I'm writing again. My best writing came when I had assignments/ this is a good thing.