Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Monday! What's Your Word?

I struggled through the first day of this year trying to say goodbye to 2011. I held on tight as it put up a good fight. I was not ready to move forward. It’s just that I am a silly sentimental fool and I’ve never been comfortable when I am aware of time passing. When I was a child I remember agonizing over the end of summer when Dad would cover the pool for winter, knowing that another season of my youth had zipped by me. That’s how I felt yesterday while putting all of the Christmas decorations away, knowing when I see them again we will all have seen another year through. In 1982 I got sad knowing I wouldn’t be a kid forever, and it is only magnified a million times in 2012 when I know my boys won’t be kids forever. Yes, 2011 was that good of a year and I tried dragging out the final days as slow and sweet as possible. But now we are on day two of 2012 and I have a feeling if I face it with my usual “Happy Hour” attitude, I can make this year even sweeter.
So, before routine settles back into our daily lives and once again I forget to be melancholy about the ticking clock, I am preparing to make a few resolutions to ensure I am making the best of another great year. You see, I believe in these sorts of things…things that stop your life for a moment and make you evaluate if you’re giving it your best shot. I believe that every day can be a new start to the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make a new start.
But how does she do this in addition to her crazy monkey schedule you ask? A few years back, a creative, crafty blogger named Ali Edwards started a trend of picking one word to represent your whole year. One word to help you set goals and make improvements. One little word to replace a long list of resolutions. This is my third year participating and I have chosen the word FOCUS.  I am aware that I get easily distracted from the things I want to accomplish, I let menial stuff get in the way of what’s important and I lose sight of the big picture or the simplest moment when I let life get out of focus.  
I will focus on the needs of my family and not short change them the time they deserve. I will focus on what’s important or useful in my home and get rid of everything else. I will focus on filling my mind with useful information, education and good advice and not allow the rest to fill my head. I will focus on reading and writing instead of aimless internet surfing. I will focus on the world outside my doors and enroll my boys in outdoor activity. I will focus on healthy eating for everyone in this house. I will focus on doing art, not just reading or talking about it, and then I will share it with the world. I will focus on being more mindful of my words and taking the time to listen to others first, before I have determined what to say next. This is the year where one little word inspires me to live a better life; where the ticking of the clock becomes a testament of time well spent.

“It is a process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel.” James Allen
So, how will you start 2012? How will you make it the best year ever? What’s your word?


  1. Sounds like a great word, and I hope the rest of January welcomes you with warm open arms and helps you feel good about the transition to 2012!

  2. focus is my word too! and i could have written your post word for word...that's exactly why i chose the word too. yay for 2012!! :)

  3. i loved your one word resolution idea last year. this year i choose "prioritize" as my word... for many of the same reasons as your word, "focus." thanks for the reminder to pick a word!

  4. I'll take a nice big lino-cut with that word so I can frame it and put it next to my front door. K, thanks.

  5. Abundance...of everything except pain and misery.

  6. This is great, I won't make new year resolutions unless it's something i'll actually do. I like this concept, it's an easy way to keep it with you through out the year and not just some hokey res that is easily forgotten/thrown out.
    I choose: BECOME

    1. Begin to be: "they became angry".
    2. Grow to be; turn into.
    For me, it's a year to grow and become something better.

  7. I LOVE this concept. As I thought about your post, this is the word that I saw for me (although I have to say that FOCUS is absolutely fantastic). For 2012 the word is:
    reach or attain (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, and/or courage.
    Summed it up pretty well. Some things I will achieve by my efforts, some by my skill, and others by courage that I currently possess or will have to acquire. It's the last one that will be the hardest. But I must "Focus" on the reality that I have nothing to loose, and everything to gain. =)