Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Year End Wrap Up

Just as I become accustomed to writing "2011" on everything, it’s time to switch it up. Just yesterday I was trying to wrap my head around the idea of a new millennium…but now we are well into the next thousand years. And it’s amazing how much has changed in just this short amount of time. We have hand-held devices that practically control the weather and I have a teenager that practically runs the house. In a blink of an eye it all changes. And if we are doing something right, we learn and grow and change with the times. Our hearts grow bigger, our minds open to new ideas, and we become aware in this finite time that there is still so much to be done and so much love to share. We must keep moving forward with our eyes set on the year ahead of us.
But like most year-end reviews, there is a place to reflect and see what went right and what didn’t work so we can make a few adjustments in the coming year. I believe in lists and resolutions, commitments and revolutions. I believe the time is now and the answers to the future are entwined with the actions of our past. I believe that in the beginner’s mind all things are possible, but the expert’s there are few (Shunryu Suzuki.)  I believe that the children are our future and we are making a mess of it. I believe there is still plenty of time to turn this ship around.  I believe that compassion is more important than how much I get in my tax return. Here are a few other things I learned this year:
·         I believe that reaffirming how I feel in a written blog has made me a more positive person. Writing regularly was one of my better choices this year. But regularly letting time get sucked away on useless internet surfing was one of my poorer decisions.
·         Living in the moment was a skill that I began to develop this year resulting in far less anxiety and worry. Conversely I have not taken enough action towards long term goals for myself or my family leaving me to wonder how we will tackle all of our plans for the next year.
·         I feel closer to my extended family that ever before, but it leaves a hole in my heart that cannot be filled when we are always so far away.
·          I have learned that art fills my soul, but sadly I must cut out the crafts if I am ever to make progress as an artist.  
·         I have enjoyed my boys and tried to soak in every moment, every hug and every wish, forgetting that I can let go and allow them to do it on their own.
·         I have rediscovered that my husband is my very best friend, but often times I forget to be a good friend to him. 
·         I have hungered for knowledge, forgetting that ignorance is bliss.
·         I have dreamt big and still fell short.
·         And most importantly, this year I have learned the secret of true happiness is wrapped up in one little word – gratitude.

This is 2011 in a nutshell. I can learn from the ups and downs and all the in-between to help make the next year even better. But the one thing I know for sure is that this was the best year ever! What about you? What ups and downs did you learn from to make this your best year ever?


  1. What a beautiful summary of this year! :)

    One Life Documented

  2. I love the part about husband, so important. Well, I love all the years lessons because I can relate so well.