Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: No Gifts Please!

Birthdays seem to come more frequently the older you get. When you turn eight a year is only 1/8th of your life; when you turn 38 it’s 1/38th and as that number grows it just magnifies how fast time speeds by you. I’ve flip flopped all year over my feelings about being in my late 30’s now and that there is no denying that I am aging. How can I pull a muscle in my back just reaching over to put on a sock? Are those sun spots? Will I actually have to color my hair for the first time ever to maintain my redhead status? And I find that I am squinting to read every now and then. And so it goes.
But I heard something the other day about aging (not that I could remember for the life of me where I heard it.)  I heard that I should embrace it wholeheartedly, for not everyone is afforded the opportunity to grow old. And at that moment I found new resolve to never regret the experience of adding another year to my life. Every wrinkle will be the sign of a life well spent and every grey hair will be a sign of three loud boys running wild and keeping me on my toes. There is no better way to say I am alive, than another birthday celebration!
There is one catch, though, to all the confetti throwing and cake eating…celebrate with me, but no gifts please! About three years ago I canceled birthday gifts for the rest of my life. I’m serious! I imagined if I were lucky enough to live 95 years, how many bottles of smelly lotions would I obtain? How many times would my kids forget to get something and in embarrassment ignore me all together instead of just picking up the phone or stopping by for a chat? And I am sure the money could be used for noble causes like saving kittens from drowning, but the truth is probably more selfish than that. I don’t need random stuff, I just need you! And time well spent is the best gift of all; that I am serious about!
So this birthday is the best birthday ever and here are a few reasons why:
·         Everyone in our home has found the Christmas spirit!
·         I have really amazing friends.
·         My husband can still impress me (speaking of aging well!)
·         I see small miracles happen every day.
·         My home is warm.
·         I have intelligent, capable children that already seek out their future.
·         I have more creative ideas than I have time fulfill, but I’m trying!
·         I am afforded the opportunity to do the job I have always dreamed of doing - stay home and care for my family, or as I have self titled: I am Queen of the Home!
So cheers to me and another year! Raise a glass in celebration and tell me what made this your best week, or birthday, ever?


  1. Great sentiments, Ms. Conrad. Of course we all want the vitality and energy of youth. But despite the creaks, pains, and greys we're all finding in and on us now, we're also accumulating the wisdom that allows us to work around those pitfalls to continue enjoying life...and honestly, for me, to live it better than I did when I was young.

  2. Happy birthday! Great blog, love the pictures:)

  3. I just turned 40 this year and I have to admit that it hit me a little harder than I anticipated.
    But I think there is so much truth in what you said.
    And I am going to choose to enjoy where I am in life and not have regrets or dread about adding on another year.
    Because each year really is a gift!

    Happy birthday!!!

  4. No gift doesn't mean we can't buy each other a birthday lunch, now does it? We've got to plan that! Enjoy your big day when it comes.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to steel the no presents rule. I haven't gotten the Christmas feel this year. I've gotten too rapt up in my own problems to realize the best way to stop worrying is to think about others and how to help them. -not sure how I got that out of what you wrote, but thank you!