Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Share the Love

At this very moment I have a full pantry and a full fridge and more than enough food to put a full spread on our table, despite the skyrocketing prices of food. It’s shocking to see our food bills climb when the paychecks stay the same. It means making different choices about what we buy and prioritizing how we spend our money. Less going out and more time eating in. Less premade food and more homemade meals. Far more homes are growing gardens and turning to traditions we haven’t seen in ages like canning, bread making and long term food storage. Most families I talk to have become keenly aware of the need to be more self reliant and less self indulgent. It feels good to take charge and still come away with full bellies in a warm home.
Unfortunately cuts backs for everyone also means cut backs in giving. America’s food banks are falling short at a time when the amount of people in need has increased.  Yep, I’m getting on my soap box. There are many of us who have enough to share with those who have too little. My boys hauled in 40 pound backpacks to school today because they were told that last year the county’s food drive fell thousands of pounds short of what they needed. And I think we were among the many who forgot to donate. Well, not this year! I figure that if I could pick up a couple extra items every time I went food shopping and drop it in the donation box…and if I could encourage everyone I know to do this…well, you get the idea.
So, yeah, for Happy Hour this week, I am buying canned goods instead of drinks! How about you? Will you buy beans instead of beer, macaroni instead of margaritas, or stuffing instead of soda? Because we have food on our table, it has been the best week ever! Here are a few other things that make it the best week ever:
·         Everyone is healthy (despite a sugar overload).
·         I have found mittens and hats and winter coats that fit everyone, without the need to go shopping.
·         The kids have enthusiastically agreed to help make some Christmas gifts this year.
·         Fall colors in Maryland are amazing and vibrant.
·         When it’s cold out, we have heat.
·         I have two eyes and two hands and a mind that all have the ability to create.
·         Good and kind people have inspired me to look at life in new and wonderful ways every day.
How about you? Do you have enough on your table to have had the best week ever? How do you plan on sharing the Love?


  1. Thanks for the reminder. We have a really great program here through our church and I have to say my donations have fallen off lately, too.
    It's time to start contributing again!

  2. I was just thinking about this today! I saw a truck for the food bank and I thought that it's a fine line between being able to donate and needing a donation. I feel enormously grateful to be on the "giving" side.

  3. This is an awesome post and so so true, while i dont live in the US i get what you are saying. Infact i have to donate goodies for Lucys school thing so i may just donate a whole lot more :)