Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: The Weekend Smile

It’s Friday morning and the weekend smile has begun. I’d like to say that things slow down around here and we can take it easy, but in our house, the weekends are quite the opposite. We are running from sporting events, to family events, to house projects and yard work. But we are together. We can take few extra minute to linger over coffee, use our best teamwork skills to get a job done, or take the afternoon off and explore the beach. Yup, weekends are still my favorite part of the week.
No matter what challenges we faced during the week, what news filled our heads and worries were on our shoulders, the weekend is a good time to bring life back into focus. I suggest the best remedy for a long week is time with people you love, a moment of silent gratitude and play time. Laugh a little, go outdoors, and put your arms around someone important. It won’t be long before you are wearing the weekend smile, too! And this Friday I’m ready to SMILE, kick back and reflect on the best week (or two) ever because you would not believe how good life has been:
·         I finally got to spend a week with my sister after a 3 year time gap. Now I miss her even more, knowing how great we are together, but that just means I know how much I love her.
·         We were caught in a rain shower after a morning digging in the sand at Sandy Point State park’s beach.
·         Liz Lemon makes me laugh so hard!
·         I know it’s a month early, but I am making a big turkey dinner tonight. We are so lucky to be well fed.
·         My middlest son had a very cool birthday party that left him grinning from ear to ear. Check out the cake I made!
·         The laundry is done and put away…at least for the next six hours!
·         I’ve got new art to share. Soon, very soon!
Tell me, what put the weekend smile on your face? What made this the best week ever?
7 Layer Rainbow Cake

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: You, me and Z

Well, it turns out that I have been fighting off Pneumonia for the last two weeks. Couldn’t do it all on my own, so I got some help from Zithromax. I am grateful that humans have been given the wisdom to discover modern medicine and before long I will be back and running as usual. I know droning on about being sick is not an exciting story to read, but those who are sticking it through to the end of the paragraph are the ones I want to share my thoughts with today the most. Z can only do so much.
The power of thought and love go a long way when you are sick, and when I have felt my worst, it was you I was focusing on. Your love, strength, prayers, positive energy and well wishes you’ve shared with me are the sentiments I breathe into my lungs, while everything else is sent out! Every day when I find a quiet moment, in my mini-prayers and meditation, I visualize you.
·         I visualize my grandmother and aunt that have passed but leave a strong spirit of love on the shoulders of their loved ones.
·         I visualize my aunts and cousins that have been so supportive, even when I am not sick they continually fill my heart with love.
·         I visualize my mom always wanting the best for me because she has been in my shoes before and I know she wants to see me happy and fulfilled.
·         I visualize my father and his own power of positive thought that he continually shares with me.
·          I visualize the love and literally benefit from the hugs (and heaps of help) of my family living under my own roof.
·          I visualize my very close Mother-in-Law, who even though I get to spend time with her, I know that the rest of the time she spends thinking of me and my family because that is where her heart is always.
·         I visualize my “new” sister by marriage and I know that being close to her is creating a bond to last a lifetime.
·         I visualize so many supportive friends that I know would be here if I just ask because they are genuine in their friendship.
·         I visualize the good people I have only known on the World Wide Web because even the power of love from those never met is source of strength.  
·         And of course I visualize the love I share with my sister. This is not a bond that can even be described, but time and space apart doesn’t stop us from being soul mates.
I find my spiritual strength, the strength to heal, in the love I have mentioned and sometimes sources that I didn’t know were there in the first place. But ultimately, it turns out that when I take the time to focus on this love that has been so generously given to me by so many good and kind people, then I know I can find the strength to do anything. So you, me and Z we are going to send this illness packing! Because of your love – this has been the best week ever