Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ten Before the Tenth: Where You Invest Your Time

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life." Mumford and Sons
Summer is winding down and school has begun again. I can feel the closing of another year. Time passes quickly and when I think about it I choke on my heart welling up inside of me. Slow down days!
I wake every morning grateful to begin a new day so full of possibility. Glad again to see each face of the people I love; the people I share my every day. The coffee is poured, lunches are made and encouragement is shared before a foot is set out the door. What gets me out of bed is the motivation to make another good day happen.
As dusk settles in I know the hours have passed and another day is out of my hands. Time slips quietly away from me; a little stream picking up speed until it becomes a raging river rushing out to sea. And like water, I cannot hold on to time.
 I lay my head down again tonight, satisfied that we are all safe under one roof, but sorrowful that all my hopes for the day were not accomplished and the memories I hold on to are an attempt to put the brakes on an ever increasing fast pace life. I close my eyes wondering how I can do it differently. How can I do it better tomorrow? What choices will I make to improve the next dozen days of my life? If the world is spinning in circles around me, what direction am I going to step off in? What am I saying back to the world about what is important to me? How will I invest my time?
On the first of every month I like to post a challenge in hopes of inspiring you to do better, be better, and maybe spread a little goodness. This month I am asking you to get serious about how you spend your days and where you invest your time. It is never too late to re-access the year. September leaves us with four more months and more than enough time to make changes and set new goals. Take the time now to make a list of TEN meaningful things you will do before the end of this year. Concrete, abstract, a big project or a daily habit; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s important to you, your future, and the people you affect the most.
You have until the 10th at 6pm EST to report back here and share your list. Share what you can, but I encourage you to do so because when you put it out to the world you will find yourself more accountable. As usual, I have a gift. This month everyone wins one of my new hand carved, hand pulled lino cut art prints if you participate. (You must send me your address via e-mail once you have completed the challenge!) And, of course, you will have my gratitude!
Are you up for the challenge?
Are you ready to make every moment count?


  1. accountability is a big deal isn't it. Great challenge Kellee.

  2. Did you plan the whole 9/10/11 thing? You clever, clever woman. Here you go: