Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: In Bed

Is where I should be. No margaritas for me, just orange juice and rest. If wild boys will allow it! It’s not flu season, but somehow I’ve managed to pick up a whopper. I will spare you the details, but let me tell you that today I value health (and Advil) more than anything! And I am grateful that we have good doctors, my husband has more than enough sick leave that he could hang out with me, and my boys felt sympathetic to their ol’ mom – as long as they weren’t hungry (or tired, or bored, or looking for lost uniforms…).  So, yeah, it feels a bit like my body is being used as a construction site this week, but when it’s over, who knows what part of the structure has been re-enforced? Stronger than before, right?
As far as peace and quiet with a house full of monkeys…I’m accepting that is just not where I am in life right now, and, well, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It would be no fun to be sick and alone! It’s the monkeys that remind me that it’s still the best week ever! Sure, I’ll still make a list:
·         Homemade soup, stock and all. (ok, yes, I still made my own chicken and rice soup!? crazy lady!)
·         Strength enough to stick to the rules and dole out punishments…let’s see who has learned lessons by the end of the week?
·         Did I mention my husband took time off? It was nice just to have someone to hug when I really felt like crap!
·         My monkeys brought more monkeys over and ran rampant through the neighborhood, just like boys should do!
·         Fabulous documentaries on Netflix that re-affirm that even in our economy is in shambles, we are still blessed with so much in America.
·         Lots of love sent over that Facebook connection. Don’t know what I would do without it!
·         A home that I continually feel comforted in. It carries the spirit of love from the last owners, I’m sure, but we have made it a very happy place to be, even when we’re at our worst.
Can you find the positive in a negative situation? I am setting this goal every week, flu or no flu, fabulous or not, because there is no other way to live life. So, tell me, what made this the best week ever for you?


  1. I've been in a funk with living overseas and not having the conveniences I'm used to- but the weather this week has really picked up my spirits. It has been gorgeous, and that sun that was hiding all summer is finally here so I'm sure that vitamin D helps a lot too!

  2. That's a pretty positive post for a sick lady! My kids are old enough to mostly handle themselves/each other when I'm sick and that's a good thing!

  3. I'm trying to learn that skill, seeing positive in negative. And I'm a sickie along with you. Hope you feel better soon!