Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Always The Best Week Ever

Truth. Some weeks are better than others. The boys are getting over Pneumonia. We have soccer seven days this week which means that our anniversary weekend is going to be interrupted and dinner will not be served at the table this week. It rained so much in the North East I thought we were going to float away, or at least kill each other for being cooped up so long. My youngest boy is the master of throwing tantrums.  I am procrastinating things I must do and things I want to do, while the to-do list keeps growing. I really should go jogging. And I don’t think David has any life outside of work and assistant coaching two soccer teams so who am I to complain?
But the sun is shining on this very cool September day and I am ready to celebrate the best week ever. How is it that every week is the best week ever, especially after the last couple weeks we’ve had? Because how can it not be the best to live this life? How can I not make every moment count? When I come to the end of another week, no matter what happened, I must allow the influence of “Friday Happy Hour” to take over and remind me that I am living a beautiful life. In a beautiful home, with three wonderful children and a very hard-working and loving husband. I can’t help feeling like it’s the best week ever when I put being alive and living my life in context to the rest of the world!
So, that is why every week is the best week ever. That is why I have been reinforcing it through writing and proclaiming it to the world. That is the power of believing. What other positive things can I say about this week?
·         I watched a few episodes of “Mad Men” and became deeply grateful for the progress we have made in racism, sexism, health and so many more things in the 21st century. Maybe we have made some progress.
·         Finley is now the proud owner of a Captain America costume and sometimes I can use “What would Captain America do?” as a motivator to get him to do the right thing.
·         The garage is clean and David can park his Jeep in it again. That was all his doing. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
·         Gavin spent hours with me in my studio drawing. This week he says he wants to be an artist when he grows up. We’ll see on that, but he knows how to get on his momma’s good side!
·         At the doctor’s office we discovered this year Taylor has put on a lot of weight and grown a couple inches…after struggling with being sick for a couple years, it is great to see him healthy.
·         I met local artists at a gallery opening and was inspired to make another step forward. I have loved crafting for so long….but I have to keep making the transition to painting and fine art. It will happen!
·         David and I will be celebrating our 13th anniversary. It’s no easy feat, but so very worth it. Marriage is not for sissies!
So, that’s this week. How about you? Can you find a reason to make every week the best week ever? Will you celebrate Happy Hour with me? I’ve got Sangria and a smile…


  1. just love your attitude Kellee! I need that one to take hold of me too!

  2. It's been a very long week here, but things are definately getting better. We made it a fabulous week by volunteering at some local food tents tat were set up for flood relief. We are truly blessed to be able to help when it's needed.

  3. Sounds like a busy week for your family!! Congrats to you and your husband on your Anniversary. We will be celebrating 12 years for my husband and I on the 25th. You are right marriage is so not for sissies!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Kellee and David--You made it!
    Best week ever for me: talking to my sweetheart at the end of a very trying day (& I'm feeling down) and hearing absolutely no judgment, just kindness and acceptance. Paying only $10 for a complete eye exam and $5 for a prescription, reminding me that although my salary is small, my (long awaited) benefits are "priceless." Realizing that as I enter my 3rd story apartment, I'm not out of breath like I was three weeks ago. Watching the horses graze in the big field across from my new place. Eating chocolate ice cream for dinner. Reading David Sedaris. Best Week Ever!

  5. I was just telling Gabriel how he is SO lucky that he gets to spend his days going to school instead of (like so many children in our world) walking and walking to bring his family fresh water. It is always "The Best Week Ever"! You are awesome.