Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Old Friends, New Friends

It’s been another wonderful, BUSY week in suburban paradise. We’ve had friends coming and going and met many new ones along the way. There is something so settling knowing that there are wonderful people spread around this world that I can still call friend and in a moment, whether by message over internet or by sharing a drink and conversation in person, we can connect again. Like time never mattered and a couple hours or a few days together erases the gap from the last time we met and the kids are all best friends once again. Or the simplest of comments on Facebook reminds me that you are still out there and if we are lucky our paths will cross again.
And as luck follows me so does the opportunity for friendship, seeking me out and finding me again and again. I joined a new playgroup for my youngest which has introduced me to so many welcoming women in my community. And a new soccer team for Gavin surprised me with a chance at new friendships for all of us as they greeted enthusiastically on the field last night. A knowing smile in the store over grumpy toddlers, signing up to volunteer, an introduction to a neighbor who shares an interest in gardening, school days and parents of classmates….all chances where we can connect and make a new friendship. Or at the very least share some kindness with a stranger and be reminded that friendship can happen in the slightest of moments leaving us to feel like the world is still filled with possibility.
So, this Friday I will raise a glass to friendship, old and new, and especially the ones I am yet to meet! This has been the best week ever and here are a few reasons why:
·         I mailed art to friends
·         I made salsa and shared it with friends
·         I’ve got all 3 boys in soccer, which means 3x the opportunity for friends
·         I stopped in for the MOMs group meeting and met a dozen great friends
·         I explored Ft. McHenry with my family and our close friends
·         I’m going out on a hot date tonight with my best friend
Tell me, what opportunities did you have for friendship this week? What made it your best week ever?


One More Thing:
I have a winner from this month's challenge: Angela!! I will be giving her an original piece of art as a gift. Thank-you to those who participated. Next month I will have another personal challenge, won't you give it a try!?


  1. i have to say kellee that you write so beautifully:) i agree with you about important for our souls to connect..don't you think?! i have to remind myself to make these types of connections happen more often.

    happy weekend to you!

  2. Great post Kellee. I too have had some of these musings lately. I was just sharing with DH what a great blessing it is to connect with people even a world away online. And then here, in my own backyard, to lunch with a girlfriend, or sing with my team of friends, or pray together with people. Life is all about relationships isn't it.

  3. I need to read this every day for the next two weeks. Maybe then I will get it into my head that having friends outside of the virtual world is so extremely important. Thank you again for being beyond awesome!