Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Ideas Don't Keep

And neither do children. I have grandiose dreams of being a writer, a painter, a designer, an illustrator, a social media master, a maker of many things; but time is short and the kids still need to be fed. So I pace myself and find time in between loads of laundry, play group and wiping noses. I won’t have this time again. When they have flown the coop I will wonder where it went and wish for them to need me again. But I have ideas now. And I am writing them down and sketching them out. And if I have a quiet afternoon once in awhile I will do what I need to do. I will create.
And I will not regret a single moment of any day. If I am wrestling monkeys or planning my next big project, then I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. The more I find myself enjoying the everyday moments, the more I find I am overflowing with creativity. Because ideas don’t keep, I keep a notebook and remind myself that it’s all there waiting when I finally wander down to my studio. This week was a fine balance between my two loves. I cooked yummy meals and played with my boys and enjoyed my home thoroughly. I was also lucky enough to squeeze in some time for my creative self. Once again, it was the best week ever and here are a few more reasons:
·         I found 16 vintage blue Mason jars in a “Free Pickings” pile. Score!
·         I made a bouquet from my garden and used one of those jars.
·         We played in the rain. And boy did it rain a lot this week!
·         I filled up my sketchbook with lots of ideas for paintings, paper crafts, and lino cuts.
·         We went to the dentist and no one had cavities.
·         The boys and I had a tea party…no really we did and it was fun.
·         I got up early with David before he went to work to enjoy a quiet house and see him off.
·         Tonight my sister-in-law will come over for some scrappy girl time.
I can toast to that! What about you? What made this your best week ever?

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful week Kellee! Love love love your bouquet. Care to send a jar or two my way. ;) Score indeed. And your garden must be lovely.

    My week was great because I saw God answer 2 prayers in two very big ways! That is always such a blessing and faithbuilder.