Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: DON'T PANIC!

A 5.9 earthquake showing up where it didn’t belong was just the shake-up I needed to remind me I am not in charge. When Mother Nature wants to stretch, then she will do it no matter who is in her way. While she’s at it, an angry storm is coming from the South. She might throw in some locust and plague if she gets real feisty! We are not in control. We never were. We don’t get a vote if the ground is going to shake, the crops are going to grow, Bernanke is going to control the rate of inflation, or your neighbor will be nice to you today.

There is only YOU. And only you can control how YOU will handle the everyday unexpected.
Will you run from the building hollering and do a face plant on the sidewalk? Will you have a little something put aside for a rainy day, or lots for a flooding day? Will you have enough self control to not react in the face of disaster or rudeness? Who is counting on you at the apex of the crisis? How will you choose to handle the situation? It is the only part of the equation that you have any control over so you have to decide now - are you going to ride out the storm or sink with the ship?
I’ve got my 15 gallons of water, plenty of extra batteries and a smile ready to face the weekend. And if the hurricane blows off to sea, I will be very grateful because I know this is not a game.  What else am I doing to make sure this turns out to be the best week ever?
·         Fill up both cars with gas on Saturday
·         Bought candles, a lantern, charcoal and a propane stove (yes, I bought the propane, too!)
·         Also a rechargeable battery pack - that can be charge in the car
·         Fill the coolers with ice Sunday morning
·         I will run the dishwasher, vacuum and have the laundry done Sat. night (if the power is out for a week I will be grateful for these few things being done one more time, if a tree falls on the house, then it will be for nothing!)
·         All important documents and medicine will be in my hand bag in case we have to leave quickly.
·         iPods, phones, and handle held devices will all be charged (but I also have books  and board games, boys!)
·         Find old fashion radio with batteries (but we have one in the car, so I guess it counts)
·         Bring all lawn furniture, garbage cans and decorations in to the garage
·         Eat up the perishables
·         Buy beer, put in iced coolers – now we’re good to go!
But no matter what, I am devising a plan that will ensure I can get fresh hot coffee even if the power goes out for days. Want to share a cup? If it gets really bad you can bring the Bailey’s Irish Cream and we can still talk about how this turned out to be the best week ever despite the natural disasters!  So, tell me, how are you preparing yourself, this week and every week?
Actual (random from the internet) photo from earthquake's distruction...


  1. We are preparing by running to the store this morning to get those few essentials (water, ice, batteries, propane...) and then we're heading out to the Maryland State Fair for the day and staying for the Selena Gomez concert (yes, Hank will do anything for his girls! poor guy!) I hope the Conrad family has a safe adventure through hurricane Irene! :)

  2. Stay safe and it sounds like you guys are all prepared! EARLY...which is key. Trust me, I have been through my fair share here in Florida. :)

    I hope that it doesn't get too bad and you can enjoy some down time this weekend that doesn't include a loss of power. LOL

  3. So good to be prepared! Stay safe!

  4. Great post. Love the message. And that photo? hysterical.

  5. Wow, you are so calm in the face of the storm. That is the way to be. I find myself making sure my account is in order with my Father above. The rest, I tend not to worry much about. (well, that is the goal anyway) BTW, thanks so much for your super encouraging words on my blog. Really made my day!

  6. I need to bookmark this some how to keep your prep list!
    I am really hoping this doesn't live up to it's hype for all of you in its path!

  7. "Don't Panic" is always good to remember, whether a hurricane is coming or you're hitching a ride across the galaxy.

  8. Jenna - you know me too well! It's going to be ok people! :) and I will update, when I can of course!

  9. OK. ROTFLOL @ the earthquake destruction photo!! My reaction to it was uh?? Because it was a rolling earthquake which we never get here, and also because it was very mild in Montreal and I wasn't sure if it wasn't me who was dizzy!

    As for preparation, I don't prepare for much unfortunately. The only disasters we get are big snowstorms, and we're well equipped to face those in Canada! ;-)

    There's a Canadian government website I find interesting, might help you check if you forgot anything?