Monday, August 1, 2011

10 Before the 10th: Thank-you


Thank-you for taking time to read my blog, participate, and leave a comment from time to time.
Thank-you for being a good friend and calling me up when I need you the most.
Thank-you for inspiring me to move forward with my art even when I have doubt.
Thank-you for showing me how to have a heart full of love and acceptance when I’ve hardly even known you all these years.
Thank-you for knowing when enough is enough and that it’s better to walk away from some relationships.
Thank-you for sharing great words of wisdom with me that I still refer to and repeat to this very day.
Thank-you for reminding me not to judge how hard it is to be young, naive, and so full of hope.
Thank-you for the secret to your longevity.
Thank-you for preserving our story.
Thank-you for teaching me how to take good care of my home and family.
Thank-you for showing me how hard work and determination can result in a healthy, fit body.
Thank-you for providing me the opportunity to do the one job I have always wanted to do.
Thank-you for allowing me to think for myself and believe what my heart tells me.
Thank-you for breaking my lovelorn, teenage heart.
Thank-you for showing me the world and changing my life.
Thank-you for your sweet baby hugs and kisses.
Thank-you for sharing all your talent, creativity and passion with me.
Thank-you for being family for me “here” when they are all over “there.”
Thank-you for dreaming and scheming with me.
Thank-you for loving me even when it’s a hard thing to do.
Thank-you for letting me write for you, draw for you, scrapbook for you, paint for you, and create for you; it’s the reason I do it.
Thank-you for letting me be a part of your life.

You didn't get here on your own. You had help along the way. People of little and great consequence have led you to where you are today. Those who have shared your home and those you have shared your heart have all contributed to this very moment in time. When was the last time you said thank-you? When was the last time you truely acknowledged the impact they have made on your life? The joy, the memories, the example, the friendship, the sacrifice, the helping hand?
My challenge to you this month is so very simple - say thank-you. Tell those who need to hear your gratitude how you feel. Write ten OR write one meaningful letter, put it in the mail or send it via the world wide web...but send it anyway you can, and then post here once you have finished your task and share your thoughts. My thank-you for playing along? Why, another chance at an original piece of art by me!  (Yikes for me! that's my own big challenge!) I will draw from those who reply and I will assume have honestly completed the challenge by 6pm on the 10th of August.  
Dip your pen in the ink, put a stamp on good sentiments, and start a mini grattitude revolution today! Someone is getting mail soon!


  1. That is such a poweful post! Thank you for the reminder.

  2. What a great challenge! My first thank you is to you for this and the reminder to say thank you!

  3. I sent a thank you note to a complete stranger who reached out and helped someone that is important to me :)

  4. My thank-you goes to Hank. He works so hard to allow us to live the life we live. He supports my decision to be a stay at home mom, I can't imagine doing anything else. And thank you, Keller, for being an inspiration!

  5. I sent a note to my sister and one of my oldest friends: Thank you for reminding me that life should be fun and that all opportunities should be taken...even if the 'opportunity' is not in the sense of an "I love this"...event.