Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He Does it With Gusto!

He shakes those drinks. One in each hand, like a master with intent on creation. Someone will enjoy a perfectly mixed drink in about two minutes. I wonder what he wishes he was doing with that much strength and perfection. No doubt, dinner and drinks were perfect tonight at the Seatown Snack Bar. Who would have thought oysters could be just the new thing I needed? I'll skip the tatoo for now and just suck up the fact that I am already doing something new. Something different.

 The journey happens. You can't help uniting your fears and desires. You decide what the travel is about. Not exploration of a new environment, but rather the newness in you as you see something for the first time and feel something about life you weren't quite sure of before. Do we travel to check the box or to arrive home with memory of a new friend we've made with ourself? We want to see the world, but what it equates to when we no longer exist is only manifest in how we translate the experience to the next moment of our life. How we take the moment of awareness of the great big world and apply it to our relations of every day people.

Yes,  I want to go places and see things and do what I wasn't sure I ever knew I wanted to do. But truely I want to discover where I have been hiding all along. In the sheets, among the dirty dishes, I was always an explorer. I was always on top of the world. And I was always at home in my heart.

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