Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Hour: Long days, Short Seasons

 They are biting at my ankles all summer long. Bored because it’s too hot to go out and, yet, they’re not allowed to spend the whole day plugged in. Dragging their feet when I try to get them to go somewhere to have some fun with me, yet don’t hesitate to ask for my attention when they can’t think of anything fun to do or want a snack at 10:30 at night. Why are you up anyway?!

But the summer is passing faster than I can cross things off our list. School supplies are in the stores and I have even seen glimpses of Fall Décor and Christmas Crafts. Before we have even finished with one season, we’re already planning the next two!  The house may get dirty twice as much with everyone home, but I’m not ready to give up summer just yet! I still want to savor the chaotic time I have in a house filled with viking boys. And what exactly makes it the best week of the best summer ever?
·         quiet mornings
·         super heroes
·         refrigerator pickles
·         cold water
·         pastel, oil, and water painting!
·         bees, birds and butterflies
·         lots of great friends
·         children biting at my ankles
So raise a glass with me and toast to summer! Pledge to make the most of these last few weeks before pulling out your Christmas tree and Jack-o-Lanterns. And tell me, what made this your best week ever?

Just a little pastel I did of Summer in Belgium for a friend!


  1. kellee! it makes my heart happy to "see" you!!! lovely painting! and - i feel your pain with kids! oy!

  2. er... drawing. not painting. sorry!

  3. Trivia answered: If the surface is covered in medium, pastel or other wise, it is considered a painting. If your sketch using pastel then it is just a drawing. Since I covered the whole paper in pastel you would be correct in saying painting!

    Thanks for the compliment Mandie! Good to see you too, life gets so busy there isn't as much time to visit SC! (but it's always in my heart!)

  4. I LOVE that you are sharing your painting! What an awesome feeling that must be. If I tried that it would look like a 5year old did it, and I certainly wouldn't share it! Beautiful!

  5. I feel exactly the same way about this summer!!

    Wonderful painting! :)

  6. Love your painting Kellee! Great work and good for you sharing it with the world.

    Your post was so uplifting today. I need to make a list just like you did on the reasons it's a good day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I came here via SC, and I wanted to tell you that your painting is really beautiful. I have a hard time working with pastels; you did a wonderful job with the medium :)

  8. Well i for one can't wait for this season to finish, but thats because im in NZ and it is FREEZING roll on the summer lol :)

  9. It is hard to see "summer" end. School starts next week and I don't want to let go...
    Beautiful painting!

  10. I feel the shortness of summer. My mind is turning to beginning school again, routines and schedules. But "oh for those summer nights," days, mornings, lazy afternoons (if they exist but in dreams of them). Thank you for your thoughts.