Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Hour: Bring on the Heat!

Most of America is sweltering right now.  Also, it’s hot outside.  At moments like these I am so glad my life can exist in the sheltered bubble of my air-conditioned home. I think it’s humid enough to steam an egg out there and don’t even get me started on what steams me if I let it! But I haven’t checked the news in weeks and I’m not going outside today! I am content to celebrate Happy Hour indoors and my drink of choice today: water! Pour a tall one of your favorite, ice, lemon, straw, as I review what made this the best week ever!
·          I have noticed that I’m right here, not in the past, not in the future, but in the moment. I’m sure it will pass, but it feels good to get here once in awhile!
·         A week ago I returned from the most amazing trip to Washington State to see my family. (more to follow!)
·         And after personal art lessons from both my Great Uncle Earl and my father I am inspired to create. (more to follow on that as well!)
·         I have drastically reduced my internet usage and have discovered much needed extra time. Now I just have to use in appropriately!
·         All my boys got short haircuts and I can see their wonderful faces.
·         My dog is a sweetheart if she can tolerate fingers in her eyes and pulled hair and still not bite back…I will finally agree she is a keeper!
·         I am growing a succulent garden in addition to my vegetables. I might need more space because I want chickens, goats and bees as well!
My list could go on. Life is good as long as I stick to the simple things like homemade meals, paper and paint, smiling faces and air-conditioning. What made this your best week ever!?


  1. adorable photos kellee! love your list of things your grateful for. i definitely agree with you on the air conditioner...i definitely will be staying indoors today too:)

    have an awesome weekend!

  2. Love it! Your positive attitude is infectious. And, I love the new haircuts (more pics pls)...can't imagine any other way, especially in this heat.As you know, I've been busy packing up my apartment, getting ready to put it into storage for a month. This is NOT my favorite thing to do, so I decided to lose a little "weight" by giving some of it away or selling it. Feels good. What made this the best week ever? I put my life into perspective when I received a letter from my doctor: It said my CT scan came out clear. I can't imagine what I would do if the news had been different. I have my health--I have health insurance. I have my life. Reminds me to smile!

  3. so loving the sentiment here. but SO not into the heat - we have it here too. ugh!

  4. I'm so with you on the internet time - I have been trying to cut back and use the time more productively
    ! (Although I guess this is proof that I am still a junkie!)