Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Hour, part 2

Happily domesticated, irreverent, retro-feminist dreamer;
Rebellious artist, mothering redheaded vikings.
I wrote my TEN last year in a challenge to my sister. I know there are many other words that describe me, but I think I will stick with my original...
In the most diplomatic way I could think of, I did the draw the old fashioned way and wrote names on paper, tossed them in the air and let the littlest child pick one up to discover our winner. AND this month is my Aunt Kathleen! I'll be visiting her soon, so I guess she knows how it will arrive on her doorstep! ;) But I have to tell you that am so pleased to have some very enthusiastic responses, excited to participate and wanting to own a little bit of something that I created. So, the rest of my lovely friends who already left their TEN, try again next month because I'm not done yet!!


  1. Congrates to Kath, and it's her birthday, so win win haha

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