Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go Find Yourself!

This is not the kind of blog that details my daily routine. The one that tells you what my kids have been up to lately. Not going to tell you the details of potty training or how the garden is growing. Or the new haircut or how far I jogged yesterday in sweat and tears. Typically, this is not that blog. Somehow from the beginning I have found myself on the track of trying to find the little truths in everyday life.  It’s those moments of clarity; those bits of reality that are evidence I am still thinking for myself.
And tell me, please, if we are not all trying to sort through the daily muck to see if we are still in there thinking for ourselves! Strip down the titles and duties and shoulds and shouldn’ts….what do you have left of yourself? And how can you give back to the world and all the people you love, if you don’t really know? If you don’t have something left of yourself at the end of the day, how are you going to get up and do it all again tomorrow?
Maybe I hesitate to post my ideas sometimes because I’m not sure if I am saying the right thing at the right time to the right people, but I know deep down I have something to say or I wouldn’t have written a hundred blogs in my mind already. I have pondered very serious issues and delightful, if not crazy insights, I’ve thought of stories of my childhood and dreams of my future, and more creative ideas than I have time to do….all without writing a word! All without saying that I, too, am searching for my own personal integrity in the things I do, the words I say and the intentions I put into the world every day.
Because I believe our humanity is at stake, and because I need to refocus my creativity where it counts; I have a new plan for this blog! If you follow me you will begin to see regularly scheduled posts that will motivate me to reach out to you and hopefully motivate you to give something back as well. You could call it a give and take, interactive blog that might have everyone thinking outside the monkey box before long!
So, I start now with my first regularly scheduled blog post that I call TEN BEFORE THE TENTH. On the first of the month I will post a challenge and anyone who wishes to participate can post their reply in the comments column before the 10th of the month. To help encourage people to play along and motivate me to create I will draw a comment at random and send an original piece of art (yes, by yours truly!) as a gift for participating. I know, that’s a big commitment from me but I guess I’m serious this time! Anyone can join in and I encourage you to spread the word around to get this thing moving along! OK!?
Here you go for June’s challenge:
Describe yourself in TEN words.
Come on, I DARE you to get real and get creative! Tell me who you are!
Yup, Just that simple, and I will post my answer for you on the tenth!


  1. Well their is original art at stake here so i might have to post ten to the tenth messages to start winning every time! haha
    ok, ten words to describe myself:
    Trustworthy, anxious, loyal, misunderstood, A.D.D., dyslexic, Loving Father,stubborn, spiritual.
    I realize you probably meant ten words in a sentence, but i thought this would be a bigger bang for my buck...

  2. Ten from me:
    Loving, loyal, hard, thoughtful, kind, creative, warm, giving, motherly and short ;o)

  3. Write your ten any way you see fit. That is why I am waiting until the tenth to post mine so as not to give anyone a lead. But, James, you can only enter once! :) Glad you are joining in!

  4. Well here goes my Ten to the Tenth-hopefully those of you who know me, agree my ten words truly describe the real person inside me. So here goes my Ten:

    Wrinkly, passionate, sociable, warmhearted, cheerful, spunky, opinionated, hot-tempered, dedicated, Caregiver.

  5. Hmmm...ok, harder than I thought! lol

    I am: Passionate, stable, strong, caring, loving, forgiving, happy
    I can be: impatient, dependent, strict,

  6. i was going to do this last night and thought i'd give it some more thought before committing to ten words. i don't know how much more insightful i am tonight, but that Kellee original is a great motivator. Here goes: optimithusiasm, faithful, strong-willed, anne-girl, lazy, mommy, passionate, adventure-loving, rationalizer, procrastinator.

  7. My ten about myself:

  8. I am: impatient, stubborn, kind, hopeful, loyal, dedicated, faithful, honest, jealous, strong.

  9. Outspoken

  10. capricious, witty, perceptive, impatient, creative, hopeful, blunt, reclusive, warmhearted, eccentric

  11. I’m sitting quietly
    judging you running around
    empty of emotion

    I state this because I have been told, on more than one occasion, that I have very high expectations of the people that I let into my life. I try not too, and I often have to remind myself that most people haven’t experienced what I have, nor do I have their experiences; therefore I should take more time to understand them and their point of view before passing judgment on them.

  12. educated
    (to be continued)