Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Happy Hour

What better way to greet Friday than to proclaim my love!  Despite all my serious posts, this is a house full of laughter and closeness. I have so much to be grateful for that I feel the need to start a new “Happy Hour” trend and share all the goodness once a week. Please join me, with or without a drink!
·         I had a margarita last night and laughed out loud. It felt good.
·         My living room is almost complete and it feels so comfortable. Even David commented that he liked the neutral panel grommet top curtains picked out. I love happy places in my own home!
·         I talked with my sister for a long time on Monday. It’s becoming a regular thing again and I realize that if we aren’t always in touch, then something is missing. It feels good to connect, even on opposite sides of the country.
·         My body remembers how to run. I am so thankful that I have the physical strength to move and get out and go, despite all the aches and pains that want to creep up on me as I add the years on to the old machine. Just keep it moving along or it’s going quit on you!
·         I got lots of hugs and kisses this week because I gave lots of hugs and kisses this week. Redheaded boys fill me up like nothing else in the world can do!
·         Have you been to lately? It’s inspiring and I want to make things. I am making things. You will see…
These are just a few things that made my week the best week ever. What made this your best week ever?
{Important Note: Ten to the Tenth is over when Happy Hour is over tonight at 7pm EST. If you haven’t had a chance to post your ten words that describe you, then go back to this post and comment now before it’s too late! I will post my TEN at that time and draw a random participant to win an original piece of art by me! Yup, I’m putting it all on the line for you! Let’s do this thing!}

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