Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Both Feet First

So, are you wondering if I've gotten to this artist thing yet or just pushed it to the side in lofty aspirations?  Did I make any declarations I would sooner regret? Have I already jumped both feet first into something before I was really ready? Do I have what it takes? Do my children still need to be fed? The answer is YES (to all of the above)!

I am excited to venture back into this world of art and painting. Reality is staring me in the face and I am NOT backing down! I have a million ideas and not nearly enough time in this world! But I am taking a minute to share my thoughts on the situation as follows:

1. I love it, but it's scary and hard picking up the brush again.
2. Starting over is not as easy as riding a bike, this is going to take much longer to re-learn.
3. There is a reason why my art class is filled with retired women, not young mothers.
4. There are still mouths to be fed and clothes to be washed, and even if you think about art every day, the reality is that it is at the bottom of the to-do list.
5. I have no interest in giving up my day job anyway!
6. Slow and steady wins the race; I know I won't be a master by next year, maybe not until next lifetime...
7. If I wanted to relax I would still be scrapbooking!

I've been taking a pastel painting class for the last few weeks. I am practicing, but not nearly enough. I keep a journal full of the ideas that strike me, so maybe one day I will fulfill a few of those creative dreams on canvas. In the mean time I am nervously posting these two pictures I did last month. Both are pastels. The strawberries were fresh and set up in my studio and the landscape was from a photo of Belgium. I hope you are pleased with my update!