Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What is Your Status?

Often as I work my way through the day, I think to myself - What is your status now? Kellee is...folding laundry, wiping noses, picking up a dozen dirty socks, feeling overwhelmed, feeling overjoyed, snuggling her boys, getting a moments peace, etc. We are all in a constant status update, even if you have never been on Facebook! This is a good thing for me because I am infinitely aware of RIGHT NOW. Being in the present is the best place to be and when you are aware of this very moment you can live it, enjoy it, experience it all the better.

Last night Finn would not go to sleep and my arms still hurt from holding him for three hours! I mentally folded up my to do list and put it away; I was with him. At that moment, that was what I was doing. Nothing else. So even though we were all very tired, I was just so happy that he is part of my life. The same goes for little boys' dirty socks: I get to pick those up because I have boys! And I couldn't imagine my life with out them.

Try it for yourself, be in the moment because that is where you ARE. You know yesterday already happened, and all those things you have to do tomorrow will still be there. But stop for a minute and see if you can enjoy this time before it passes all to quickly. What is your status?

And just for fun I am going to share with you my facebook status for the last month:

Dec 15
Kellee realizes at the rate I'm going, I'm probably sending out Valentines gifts instead of Christmas gifts.9:56pm

Kellee found out that putting the baby to bed 3 hours later does NOT mean he will sleep in for 3 more hours! Hello 6am as usual!6:57am

Dec 14
Kellee is still working on being ready for tomorrow's class. 9:20pm

Kellee is up to her ears in eco friendly Christmas crafts!8:46am

Dec 13
Kellee is happy her mother is happy. She deserves to be!8:40am

Dec 11
Kellee is trying to stay positive, but is really just disappointed. 9:49pm

Dec 10
Kellee is reluctantly doing paperwork. (but not very well because here I am on the computer again!) 9:47am

Dec 8
Kellee is not patiently waiting until Christmas to open her presents. 9:39pm

Dec 7
Kellee just went to a church for the first time in 7 years and the holy water didn't boil! (but don't expect me back anytime soon!) 2:39pm

Dec 6
Kellee is up much later than she should be. 11:17pm

Dec 4
Kellee has been a mother for ten years now. The BEST thing that ever happened! Happy Birthday Taylor! 7:20am

Dec 3
Kellee :Bright sunlight on a clear day is the best example of hard light, which travels directly from the source to the subject. 1:49pm

Dec 2
Kellee is looking at the pile of Christmas decorations sitting next to the pile of unassembled Ikea furniture sitting next to the pile of laundry.... 9:15pm

Dec 1
Kellee is having a hard time getting motivated. 9:18pm

Nov 29
Kellee hopes you can find generosity and gratitude this holiday season. Change begins with you. 10:54pm

Nov 28
Kellee is laughing at all these photos of me in high school showing up on facebook! 6:51pm

Nov 27
Kellee is at least 3lbs. heavier tonight. 10:34pm

Kellee is making her family the whole shabang for Thanksgiving! 10:31am

Nov 26
Kellee has started her own business without even realizing it! Check it out! marmalademonkeysinc.blogspot.com. 11:25am

Nov 25
Kellee is thinking about life. 9:53pm

Nov 24
Kellee is watching a girly movie with her brother - who requested to watch it! ;). 10:12pm

Nov 23
Kellee does not have to accept EVERY friend request on Facebook. I don't remember most of these people! 9:37am

Nov 22
Kellee is surprised to be waking up to snow!!! Thank-you East Coast Friends for sending it my way! 7:53am

Nov 21
Kellee had the best time teaching scrapbooking classes this week, can't wait for next months classes. You won't be disappointed! ;). 7:37pm

Nov 20
Kellee thinks Santa's middle name must be Amazon. (Now who wants to go to the post and pick it up for me, pleeeeease?!) 11:54am

Nov 19
Kellee is sooo tired. My boys have never been given the gift of good sleepers. 9:38am

Nov 18
Kellee is sure there is something more important to do today than be on the computer. 8:31am

Nov 17
Kellee is done with laundry, oh, wait a minute, there it is, never mind. 8:59am

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  1. What a creative idea for a post... I enjoyed reading :)