Friday, October 3, 2008

See You Later, Not Goodbye

In the world we live in, I live in, we all have to take our turn. This is my husband's second deployment. It wasn't in our plan, because he is a government employee, not a soldier. Usually. But September Eleventh changed a lot of things for many people and now, with honor, he serves right alongside all the other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. Many we know have gone: friends, colleagues, even my brother Ben went with the first push through in Iraq. So, when our number is called, we respect those who have gone and take our turn proudly; all worries, hesitations, politics, conflicts, disagreements, and fears must be put aside. It's not easy, but we are not alone.

I miss him already. I miss him most when I see my boys missing him. I miss him more now than before. I miss him because we have built a great life together with our children and have had so much fun in the last couple years just being together. But I am infinitely proud of him; heading up this team and going down to a part of this world that needs resolution. And I will be at peace within myself knowing that if his work saves just one life, then the months of being apart is sacrifice enough. So I say see you later, not goodbye, because this is just a little thing in the grand master plan of life...

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  1. Why are you trying to make me cry?!? I feel for you; I complain when my husband works late. You really have a great attitude, though. David is a really good man.