Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

If it's not Finley at 5am or David's snoring, then it's the cat and dog chasing each other at o'dark thirty. And honestly it's my own inability to sleep added on top of all that... But some how I just keep moving. I mean hey, what's more valuable to a mom: money, time, sleep? For me, I would pick time for sure. For example, all my kids have been in bed for two hours now, and I know it's just a matter of minutes before Finley's up wanting mama's milk again; but here I am on the computer, surfing, blogging, shopping, etc. instead of getting the much needed sleep I deserve. But I need a little me time, just a little OK?!

In a typical day: Wake early (sometimes really early); feed Finn; make coffee for David (and so very much for me, too); get breakfast and lunch for boys; get them dressed and on the bus; get myself dressed and try to remember to change Finley's diaper; head out to meet the other moms for a brisk walk and a much needed venting session; more coffee; run to the store which is 30 minutes away and everyone I know is there so I can never run in real quick; come home to a pile of laundry that always grows faster than I can get it done and put away; try to get Finn to take a nap for longer than 20 minutes; eat something not so healthy because I don't want to stop long enough to think about it; put together Ikea furniture I bought last week and haven't gotten to yet; try to figure out where the USB cable went to my camera to upload pictures and in the process clean out David's entire desk and -thank God- finally found the receipt I was looking for to get the Gameboy fixed; mop the floor while holding a fussy baby; nurse him again and put him back to sleep for the 3rd time; stop to read the headlines on the internet -something about the Hurricane, Palin - oh and Ike hit Texas; wash all of the morning dishes before I put them in the dishwasher to be washed; take a potty break while talking to the baby (I don't get to do this again by myself for at least two more years); hurry because the boys are getting off the bus; feed everyone snacks or leftovers from lunches half eaten; argue -if only for a moment- that we have to do homework; negotiate times for the computer and/or television; remember the wet laundry needs to go in the dryer; give in to some floor time with the baby before the moment has passed; throw together leftovers for dinner from the big party we had last Sunday that wore me out, but turned out nice in the end; convince kids they must bathe; oh crap, I forgot the dog's been outside all day; welcome David home late because he's training to leave for Afghanistan next week; tuck the kids all in to bed; and that leads me to this moment where I am trying to take some time for myself. Oh, what's that you husband would like a little attention now, so I have to call it quits. It's almost midnight, I guess I can sleep when I die....

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