Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to School, Back to Blogging

Ok, I confess, school started a month ago. But I just can't seem to get my life organized enough to make this a regular habit...yet. So, Taylor is now in 5th grade and Gavin in 1st. Both love their teachers and classmates. Hallelujah! Taylor comes home each day with a plan for play and homework, so as not to miss out on one second of his spare time. For the most part this is working and he is managing his time well, on his own. Wow. The best part is that I haven't heard him say, "I don't want to go to school today, can I stay home?" which must have been last years mantra. Gavin always seems to love school. We're working hard to get him fluent in reading, well I'm working hard. It seems the school is far behind in schedule than our school in Maryland, and thus extra work for the mom.

If there is one thing that I have come to realize with the sixth year of school for our family under way; it's that a family must take responsibility for their own children's education. You just can't rely on public education to do the whole job for you. I am so thankful we have public education, and this is a particularly nice DODDS school, and heaven forbid I would have to home school, but...I always feel like there is something lacking in the overall education experience for my boys. (Thank-you "no child left behind") So, I'll keep trying to figure out what they each need and do my best in betweens meals, laundry, bill paying, house keeeping and breastfeeding to fit in a little time for each of them. I guess that's why I am self titled "Reign de la Maison" (Queen of the house)!!


  1. Just wanted you to know that someone is reading your life (with the monkeys) and enjoying it. Thanks for the update, please upload more photos. I love you sis!

  2. Oh Honey, we always knew you were a queen...of what? that changes depending on the day of the week.

    It great to hear all about your life and the superhuman energy you are able to give to your family. It's worth it, as you will be rewarded in spades (or winning lottery tickets)
    Tons and Tons