Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kellee One, Peacock Zero

Maybe my sensibility was off, maybe I've become cold hearted, maybe I'm the boss and not the peacock! But last night against my better judgment I released a very excitable dog on that peacock who dared to wander back into my yard! And I forgot that the gate was still open, so...
Rest assured the peacock is still alive, although he may need therapy for the rest of his life. My reward for the dog's hard work is a collection of ALL of the peacock's beautiful feathers. Lucky me. And lucky peacock that this was his mechanism for survival. This bird shoots out all his feathers when he is in danger in order to move faster, otherwise I fear Echo would have had him for dinner for sure (and I might have felt guilty). I'm betting that that maybe the last I see of the peacock in my yard, at least for this season!

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