Thursday, May 15, 2008

Delerious with Sunshine

We aren't quite sure what to do with so much sunshine. It's been hot and sunny for a couple weeks (and no one is complaining). The kids go to bed exhausted because we play outside all day in the glorious sun, trying to soak it all in to clear out the cobwebs of a long rainy winter. I've never seen so many smiles! It's been fantastic to get out the grill, the sunscreen, the hats, the sports equipment, the shorts, etc. David has even had his top off the jeep!

It's funny, though, the boys keep referring to all the things they want to do here this summer. Like water fights and swimming pools; and I have to remind them that this may very well be our summer in Belgium! It's just not that predictable...

And alas, I see rain in the forecast for tomorrow! Well, it was absolutely, wonderfully, fantastic while it lasted! (And maybe if we're lucky we'll see it again before the summer is over.)

1 comment:

  1. There's the Bob Turk I know and love! I've been waiting for a weather report from you. How I've missed them!

    Seriously, glad it is sunny and that your boys are enjoying it. They are welcome to come and hit the pool here with my kids while you're in the area! See you soon.