Monday, April 28, 2008

And I wanted to live in India...

I can hardly survive Belgium and once upon a time I wanted to live in India?! I suppose that was before children. Anytime things get tough it's easier to imagine life will be better elsewhere. There's no doubt this place is not the worst place to live and some days I've really got it good, but there's also no doubt that life is infinitely easier in the good old U. S. of A. I made my list of all the things I like about this place, which Taylor reminds me to focus on that instead of the list I formulate in my mind that is ten times longer of the things I don't like. So, he is right, and it's really great that we have family time and I don't recreation shop anymore. But some days I really wish I lived where a dollar is a dollar and there are no priority to the right signs (ask me about it sometime).

We play a little game, the boys and I, while driving, "what's the first thing you're going to do when we arrive home this summer?" That list has gotten so long, I actually started writing it down so as not to forget our hopes and desires. Gavin is heading straight for Dunkin' Donuts and must have a water balloon fight in Grandmom's back yard. He also was looking at the pictures on the back of our U.S. money and informed me that he wanted to see these places: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, etc. (how convenient, really). Taylor was diplomatic and said we must visit family first, and then he wanted to go to Rocky Run for real hot wings and a trip to Gettysburg would be nice as well. David claims he has nothing on his to-do list (but I'll bet he ends up in A Game's Workshop store before long). As for me; a friend informed me the other day that she was saving me a parking spot at Target. Also watch out Joann's and Borders, and probably Pannera, Baja Fresh, Starbucks, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, Trader Joe's, Recollections, JCPenny's, Micheals, Safeway, THE MOVIES, Aida's Bistro, Ellicott City Brew Pub, Target - I think you get the point.

Unfortunately we're only home for six weeks, will there be enough time? Or more importantly, will we ever want to come back here? The hardest part is being so far from family. And I just can't wait to feel the connection again. BUT I'll make the best I can of living here because I know Belgium is not India. (but just by a hair)


  1. Kellee!
    I've been checking your blog from Mendy's but there was never anything there and now all of a sudden you have a baby! Congratulations, although I have to admit I'm surprised b/c I thought you guys were done. :) We're in Iowa, enjoying the simpler life ourselves. I'm glad all is well.

    Jessica Brown

  2. Hi Kell,
    I'm glad to know you're blogging again. Now that I'm out of school for the summer, I will do the same. Tell Tay thanks for thinking of the fam, cuz I'll be out there on the evening of June 2nd, ready to boogey! I guess I can tag along with you for some retail therapy. But, Gavin will meet his match in that water fight! Next time you blog, please attach a photo of you and your 3 sons.
    Love and Hugs, MOM