Friday, July 6, 2007

Bella Bella Bellagio

The most beautiful little city I have ever seen! Well, after a couple month hiatus, I am back to blogging. Things got a little crazy around here and it was hard for me to put into words our life here. But, now with a little traveling, and visits from family, this summer is turning out to be a good so far!

I took the boys with me to meet my mom in Italy last week. Unfortunately David had to work, but we have every intention of going back for a visit soon. In fact I recommend that everyone gets a stop in Italy at least once in their lifetime!

Many of you know that my mom has been traveling throughout Europe this summer on quite an adventure, and somehow I have been lucky enough to meet up with her twice (thank-you David). The first stop was meeting up in the South of France, in Nice and Aix-en-Provence. I spent five days with her traveling about and seeing the sights, the beaches, the hills, shopping...It was lovely, but a bit touristy. The area reminded me a lot of California, only in French and more crowded! But the highlight was last week when the boys got out of school we headed on a plane to Northern Italy, to the lakes district and into a little town called Bellagio. Not the casino resort in Vegas, but the beautiful little town it was built after. And it was stunning!

Taylor and Gavin couldn't even believe it and were sad when it was time to leave. Italy is just something else and I keep wondering why we couldn't move NATO there! But alas, that is why it was a vacation. For all the kind people, great food, breathtaking views, serene lifestyle, good Italian wine, sunshine, gelato, gelato and more gelato, I don't think this is a place we will soon forget. And I hope to take you all with me someday, just say the word! In the mean time we are back to reality, which has actually been a good thing, because our spirits are high and we have been enjoying our really cool home here in Belgium. I'll share more with you soon, but for now here are a couple pics, I think they will speak for themselves!

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  1. Hey, Kellee! Wow, that looks gorgeous. How fun that you have been able to meet up with your mom a couple of times. I am glad you are traveling and seeing the things you've always dreamed of! I enjoy reading about your goings-on. You need to post more often!