Thursday, May 3, 2007

On a Positive Note

My dear husband seems to think I have one too many complaints these days. Is it because he wants me to be happy and feels the need to fix everything I don't like? HMMM? Is it because he can still remember the days I was a very pregnant and very overheated weather reporter, reporting on the status of the heatwave every other hour of the day? (And that he could not fix!) Is it because living in Belgium makes just about everyone want to complain?!! As my friend Stacy pointed out today, how else do we deal with it if we can't poke fun and rant about the problems we face here? Because believe me when I say it IS a little backwards, and that's putting it nice. But honestly, I think it's because no body likes a complainer. Wow, that was simple!

So, in honor of David, today I have made a new addition to my blog, as you can see on the right hand side there, so that everyone can see I do have good things to say. My list of things I like about living here. It was actually easy. Everyday I find things I like about being here. And honestly if I wrote a list of complaints I would have run out of space! But seriously, even though I will always be an American girl at heart, I love the grand and subtle life lessons this place has awarded me and my family. Being in Europe has opened all of our eyes to new possibilities. It's been an exciting and sometimes frightening roller coaster of an adventure that has surely brought us closer as a family. The time we have together has been invaluable, and for this I am truly grateful!


  1. Did David forget who he married? Just kidding. I love your endless complaining about hot weather.

    Great idea--the list of things you love about living in Belgium. I can't believe that you, Kellee Conrad, have no television. Where is your 527 inch flat screem you bought?
    Almond croissants do sound yummy. They have something like that in the French bakery in the Savage Mill.

    Anyway, I'm so glad you're blogging. So fun to be in better touch!

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