Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Never Underestimate a Sunny Day in Belgium

The usual forcast? Rainy with a chance of sun. In fact, I'm not sure I saw the sun the entire month of January. It was a long winter and I honestly had moments when I wondered if I could stay in Belgium for long. But here we are going on a whole month of pure sunshine and warmth. Everyone seems happier than usual and Belgium seems more lovely than ever. The days are getting long and it is hard to put the children down for bed when there is still a glimmer of sun at a quarter to ten at night. I don't even think I've turned on the oven in weeks, the BBQ is working overtime and David hasn't had to put the top up on his jeep. Just believe me when I say, there is nothing more glorious in Belgium than a sunny day, and I will never take it for granted. But I do apologize to all who are coming for a visit, in advance, because it surely can not last forever!

The sun must also be making my boys grow like weeds. And since I have not been good at keeping you up-to-date on their latest and greatest I figure today I will at least share with you a couple photos taken over the last couple months. I have so much to say about my great boys, but for now just take a look for yourself. Oh, and never underestimate a sunny day in Belgium, because I can even see the joy in my boys when they go out to play on a beautiful day!

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  1. What happened to Taylor's curls? Oh, no! I kept thinking, "Who is that big kid with Taylor and why aren't there any pictures of Gavin?" Gavin is just a little time-warp version of Tay, is he not? Mason still asks when we can go visit Taylor.